Employment history

TeamNet International

  • Dates: September 2014 - present
  • Position: Software engineer
  • Technologies: Android, Java
  • Responsibilities:
    • design and develop applications for the Android platform


  • Dates: May 2013 - present
  • Position: Software engineer
  • Technologies: Android, Java, C, embedded development, Scala, mongoDB, Docker
  • Responsibilities:
    • develop, enhance and maintain the mobuy application for Android
  • Results:
    • developed the mobuy application available on Google Play Store (sole developer for the Android version of the application)
    • designed the QR code storage format for the mobuy totems
    • developed the QR code read and display functionality of the mobuy totem
    • developed a few minor web pages displayed by the mobuy application inside webviews
    • developed a tool for mocking web services in Scala
    • developed a crash reporting web service in Scala

TeamNet International

  • Dates: December 2012 - March 2014
  • Position: Software engineer
  • Technologies: Android, Java, iOS, Objective C, C#, Windows CE
  • Responsibilities:
    • design and develop applications for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile platforms
  • Results:
    • developed a library for displaying heat-map overlays on top of Google Maps on Android platform
    • developed an Android client for an aggregator web service
    • designed and developed a WebDAV file manager for Android
    • designed a cross-platform data management and synchronisation framework library for Android and iOS, developed the Android version of the library and oversaw the development of the iOS version
    • developed an internal WebView-based iOS application
    • designed and developed an internal OData consumer application for iOS
    • designed and developed a Windows CE demo application to present functionality of a device with multiple sensors

Misys International Financial Systems

  • Dates: September 2011 - December 2012
  • Position: Software developer
  • Technologies: C++, C#
  • Responsibilities:
    • develop and maintenain a multi-platform financial software application
  • Results:
    • enhanced software functionality as part of a team
    • improved software quality through bug fixes

Zenergy Communication

  • Dates: October 2010 - September 2011
  • Position: Software engineer
  • Technologies: iOS, Objective C, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Responsibilities:
    • design, develop and maintain software applications
    • provide technical support
    • administer computer systems
  • Results:
    • designed, developed and tested in-house software applications
    • designed, developed, tested and implemented a software solution based on the client's requirements (project manager and lead programmer in a 4 member team)